our island​​​​​​​
Cephalonia belongs to the Ionian Islands and is one of the most popular holiday destinations. It is an island that combines mountain, sea and traditional alleys and paths. So it is an attraction for those who want to enjoy the Greek nature, the endless blue of the Ionian Sea, the traditional Greek cuisine and the unique Greek hospitality!

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and is only 7.6 kilometers from our accommodation. It is the largest city on the island, next to Lixouri, which you can visit either by car or by boat, thanks to the frequent itineraries from the port of Argostoli.


On our island you can enjoy the endless blue of the Ionian Sea, swim in the turquoise waters of our organized and non-beaches, which have won a blue flag with an award, and discover steep beaches that will remain unforgettable.​​​​​​​
Some of the beaches we recommend to visit when visiting our island are:
Myrtos, Xi, Platis Glass, Long Glass, Katelios, Abyss, Lourda, Ammes, Stairs, Aragia, Salts, Ag. Jerusalem, Foki, Dafnoudi, Koutsoupia, Spilitsa, Santa Helas, Mines, Men, Table, Koroni, Rivers, Fireplaces, Evil Lagadi, Ragia, Limenas, Far Petra, Vatsamas, Vatsam, Veda, Lepsa, Lepsa, Lepsa Klimatsias, Fern, Ammidi, Lefka.

Kefalonia, because of its natural and varied landscape alternation, but mainly because of its history, is an ideal destination for those who want to combine vacations and sightseeing.
The most important sights of Kefalonia are:

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Korgialenio Historical and Folklore Museum
  • Sinks
  • Kutavo lagoon
  • Melissani lake cave
  • Cave of Drogarati
  • Mosquito stone
  • Lake Karavomilou
  • Castle of Saint George
  • Castle of Assos
  • Monastery of Agios Gerasimos
  • Monastery of Theotokos
  • Monastery of Gardens
  • Monastery of Our Lady of Sisia
  • Our Lady of Fidiotissa
  • Natural History Museum
  • Olive Museum
  • Robola Producers Cooperative
  • Drapan Bridge / British Obelisk
  • Roman villa mosaics
  • Ancient Acropolis of Sami

The flavors of our place ​​​​​​​
In Kefalonia you will love the traditional cuisine and its local products such as white robola wine, traditional cheeses and cheese, mandolas, pastels, thyme honey, spoon sweets and more.